So we are packing up for Toracon. The bookmarks we ordered as business cards didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, seeing as they didn’t allow us to proof them and took until today to arrive even though we ordered them weeks ago. I’m trying not to be annoyed, but a guy’s trying to build a fan base here. And I worked really hard on those.

Moving on.

I’m really excited for the con itself tomorrow, it should be a blast. Annie has a few people she knows who will be stopping by to visit, and Ananth and Yuko of Johnny Wander will be there. I met them at I-con, but we ony talked for a little while before they had to run to a panel. They’re great people though, and their comic is awesome.

Annie and I will be sharing a table, so stop by and check out her lufflies and if you want, I’ll have some posters available.

If you are only now reading this after having met me at Toracon, then welcome! I hope there are a few of you, but I’m just happy anyone reads me at all. Seriously, it’s a real pleasure to be writing for the enjoyment of anyone but myself :)

See you there (I hope!)