So I’ve been working extra hard preparing for Toracon, but most of that has been helping Anii replenish her luffly supply, so I really need to crack down on my own stuff.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to have a comic up for Saturday, since I’ll be at the con all weekend, but look back for a preview or maybe even the final version of the poster I’m working on!  I haven’t really gotten to the meat of my story yet, so it’s hard to make an exciting poster, but I promise the comic taking directions that bring it away from just a writer and his nutty kid sidekick.  Don’t get me wrong, it’ll still have those things, only with way more exciting other stuff.  Anyone who knows me knows this is gonna get weird.

In a good way. Don’t get any creepy ideas.


PS- If you like the comic don’t be afraid to drop a comment! I’d love a little feedback.