Thanks everybody for all of the incredible feedback, you guys are simply the best. I know it’s difficult as a comic reader, as I am one myself, when major changes arise, but you guys are not only super supportive but also extremely helpful and understanding.
That being said, i think I’m at a point where I have enough of what I want to do ready that I can begin writing again! The story is going to be almost completely different, but also so similar that at times I wonder how it is possible to change something so much without changing it at all. For instance, I found a really cool way to keep Divi around, though her character is different, because most of what she was is put into Abby. I really think you guys are going to love it. Even though change is scary, mostly because I realize I hadn’t even really explained a whole lot yet (the story was way bigger in my head! ).

(Sorry I was typing this on my phone when it cut out on me, I will now continue from an actual computer). I think the best way for me to start this story, and the fastest way to make it available, is to do it as a novel, which was my original intent. That way I can take my time with the comic aspect, polishing up the script etc., but the problem is I really want you guys to read it before all of that. Here’s what I’m thinking (though this might change because I had the idea at like 5am); I will begin writing the story, and since it will be in segments, I can probably finish a good chunk at a time. I will then be able to put chapters up online for you guys, hopefully accompanied by illustrations. If anyone would be interested in the illustration aspect, how it would work is that I would have the chapters finished ahead of time, so I would be able to ask around for art to accompany what I wrote. Not a comic, I know, but I’m hoping it would be enough to keep the site going with you guys.

Again, just a thought, and once it’s complete, I can get a printed book with all of the illustrations. Hope to hear some feedback! This is a huge maybe right now, but my main priority is giving you guys access to the entire project.

Okay, and now off to work.