So first off, sorry I’m late posting if you’re one of the very few people who have figured out I usually update at 12:01 on Tuesday morning. This page was supposed to be an easy one, but I decided to take my art up a notch. This was kind of more what I was getting at in my first few pages, but I fell short in my excitement of just getting my comic online. I think I got a lot better when I colored the dream sequences with my full palette, and found myself wanting to do more of that. So what is a good half way point between the original palette I used and the dream palette which I wanted to be special? Hopefully something like this will do. Or I could just say that things seem brighter after that last dream. You decide.

Also in my rush of getting this done in time, I forgot to ink the speech bubbles. This is the first time I used photoshop to make them, I’m not sure if I like them more or less. Let me know what you think!

Thanks to all my new readers for checking out the site! You guys have been awesome!


PS-Happy May birthdays to Anii, Emily, and my Dad :D