Sorry in advance if anything is wrong with this comic, this is probably the fastest I’ve ever worked. I didn’t feel well last night and couldn’t get myself to finish the drawing right, so I woke up this morning, a little later than I would have liked, and busted the entire thing out before I have to take a 30 second shower and sprint to work. And I’m off!


Sorry guys, running so behind this week. For those that don’t know, I’m moving back to NY this month, so things are a little hectic. Next week I’ll be in NYC all week trying to find a new job, etc, so I plan to wrap up this week with a the beginning of Arcane Science, and then provide you guys with story related sketches for the following week, due to my very busy schedule. The week of thanksgiving should actually be more open, I believe, so expect real updates again starting then!

As far as this week is concerned, don’t worry, I still have updates. I’m just running behind. I’ll post one later today and another tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll figure this schedule thing out. I hope my new job has more manageable hours so I can work more on this!