Hey guys!

I had an exploratory interview over at TIME Inc. this morning, and I think it went pretty well. I’m beyond excited at the prospect of working for a real company doing real work, whether it be editing or publishing (although I’m leaning towards editing after this meeting) and I’m even more thrilled at the prospect of learning a new field. Since I graduated from college, I haven’t had a real opportunity (beyond massive amounts of reading) to broaden my professional knowledge, and I’m really looking forward to whatever the future has in store for me.

Also, as I mentioned in the comments, I’m putting together the pieces of a H&tW novel, which I hope to begin work on soon. So far the story is going to be a lot different, well not so much the story itself, more like the way that story is told. When I started this project, I didn’t really have an idea as to where I was going. Now I think things are a lot more clear. For one, the book will focus way more on Divi, although her character is a little different this time around, closer to how I originally saw her. Anyway more on that later.

In more relevant news, I wrote and Annie illustrated a page for the Collab Comic Project, a Tumblr based collaborative comic that is scheduled to update every Monday for the next year, with a different artist for each page. We are page 8, and I got to name one of the main characters! How cool? Check out the whole thing here!

Until next time,