So I’m going to be using this site to gather feedback about my story, my characters, and H&tW in general. As most of you know, I am currently working on revamping the entire series, streamlining it if you will. To briefly explain why to those who missed the last post, it was too ambitious of me to assume I could simply include every little element of story telling that popped into my head as I went along, the whole while saying “I’ll find a way to tie it all together”. There is that, my loss of control over who the characters are, and my regrets for where the story started in the first place.

I promise all of you that this project will be completed. I plan to have a completed story, possibly a novel (or series of novels) which will then become a graphic novel. Additionally my goal is to create a story that can be told though prose as well as by comic, with one shots for both. This, obviously, is MORE ambitious than my previous attempt, but I have two things to help me through it.

One: I know what I’m doing now. The last run literally had my flying by the seat of my pants. This will be better, I promise.

Two: You guys. When I started this, I was more or less alone on it. Now I have you guys to bounce things off of, to help me through it, and to give me feed back.


That being said, I was hoping you guys could tell me what your feelings were about Oliver. I’ve put so much thought into reorganizing Abby that I put off Oliver’s character to be the last thing I thought about. What do you think about him, what do you think drives him, what makes him tick. What do you like/not like about him? Obviously some of these I know my answers to, but that’s not always what come out on the page. I want to hear your thoughts!