Hey all. So Anii is super busy working three freelance gigs in addition to her other job, and even though she said she’d still find the time to color for me this week, I decided to let her finish her real work. No worries, she’ll go back through this weekend and touch up my work, so it’s just a temporary thing. She kinda gets blinders on when it comes to work, so I’ve got to look out for her.

That being said, I’m not really happy with the word layout in this panel. I wish there was a way to have text bubbles that just didn’t cover the background. It’s always been an issue of mine. I’ll lay the next one out better. On the bright side, check out Abby’s new attire! I worked really hard on it, and of the 50 some odd costumes I sketched out, it was my favorite. So I hope you guys enjoy it :)

See you guys tomorrow!