The process I will be doing to begin this reboot is as follows.

Step one: Write a new story arc. This is almost complete.

Step two: Illustrate a new story arc. Less complete, but on its way.

Step three: Begin reworking the original story to fit the changes I’ve decided it needs to work. There is basically only a few changes, but it’s enough to have to rework a bit of the opening. We’re going to do that thing you see in a lot of animes where we dive right in, and the origin story follows a few chapters later. In this case, the origin is the story that you know so far, only slightly different. As I’ve said before, I trust you guys to forget what you know, and enjoy the ride!

Step four: Find a place on the site for all of the older pages to be posted in order, but off the main page. I want them to be easily accessible to you guys. I may be changing things to how I think they should be, but I’m not the kind of author that then pretends the other never existed. I know you guys are attached to the early pages, and I’ll always keep them available for you guys! Just don’t get confused! haha


Thanks for being so cool! More on this later, everyone.