Hey everyone. I apologize that the site is still not working, we are having some heavy technical issues. Annie and I might cave and just hire someone to fix it. I don’t have any major updates at the moment, but I’m still considering it. That being said, we have to talk.

You guys have been majorly supportive of me in all of my endeavors, a guy couldn’t ask for better readers! I know our fanbase is small, but those of you who are here are dedicated and totally awesome. I don’t normally like changing stories once I write them, in fact as you know when I started this comic, it was an exercise in NOT doing that, but I am completely in love with these characters, and I need to do them justice. We’ve had this talk before. Anyway, I know you will all be super supportive when I reboot the story, I just only ask that you suspend your disbelief and basically forget the details you think you know. I really am only changing like a couple of things to make what I have planned work, but to do so will require a different beginning, and I need to guys to start reading fresh. I know you wont have a problem as long as I’m posting SOMETHING, right?

When the story does go back live, it will feature my art, and it will be done using Annie’s cintiq, which gives an entire new edge to my style. It actually makes me feel like I am not the worst ever, so I’m down at giving it a shot. Here’s an example of what might be a new cover! Let me know what you guys think!

(Don’t let it be said I never listen to what you guys say, either. You’ll notice Abby appears physically unchanged, despite her lack of pony tail!)