Sorry I’ve been a little absent. I want everybody to know I got a job working at a new cafe in NY, so at least at first I’m going to be really busy doing that. Right now I’m at home while everyone else I know is at either PAX or Anime Boston, so I got a little nostalgic and doodled Abby and Oliver. I thought I’d share it with you guys.

As far as H&tW is concerned, I think I learned a lot from it. When I started, it was only supposed to be an exercise, something to do every once in a while that would force me to stick to deadlines and continue stories rather than rewrite them over and over. I think I’ve gotten to a point where I would be able to write a story from the beginning and actually see it through to the end, but ironically I think it’s time to regroup and collect my thoughts on H&tW. I’m restructuring it as either a book, or a novella, or maybe even a series of short stories. Once I have at least a draft, I plan to work on it as a comic again, maybe with a different artist. To be honest with you guys, I made a lot of story choices that I wouldn’t have had to make if I thought I could draw them properly. We’ll see about all of that though, I don’t want to promise anything.

What I can promise you is that I’m not done with Abby and Oliver, or rather they are not done with me. These are characters I feel really connected to, and I feel like you guys do too, so I’m not letting them go that easily. I owe them, and you, a finished story, and I promise that one way or another this will continue. For now though, I was hoping you guys could help me out.

I’m trying to rework a lot of elements of the story, so if you guys are still around, I would love to hear what you liked best about it. What made you keep reading, what worked, what didn’t work. I’m trying to do it again, but right this time. You guys are a big part of that, so any help I could get would be amazing.

I miss posting and getting to know everyone on here, and I hope that one day soon it’ll be back how it was, but I need to finish getting myself together over here! I hope to hear from as many of you as I can, I already have some ideas, I just want to hear what you guys think!

Until next time,