That’s exciting, addressing the Internet. There are actually a couple people now who I don’t actually know in real life, and it’s great to have you guys here. For some reason I stayed up all night on Thursday to finish this page, even though my deadline wasn’t until midnight on Friday night, but I think it came out pretty awesome. I enjoyed doing the Escher panel on the last page so much I thought I’d try another art reference, considering it was the same dream and all. I went with the Flammarion woodcut because I’ve always loved the image, and also because it’s pretty relevant as far as images go. As far as drawing and coloring it are concerned, well I just keep pushing myself away from my comfort zone. Also I haven’t identified the redhead yet, although anyone who knows me has seen her before. In time.

I’m really excited to see my ads up on some of the other comics that I read. I know that project wonderful is an all access kind of web-host, so it’s not like I got Mookie or Meredith Gran to link back to my site or anything like that, but it still feels great. By the way check out their comics, as they are fantastic. Thanks to Project Wonderful for letting me get my work out there!

In other news… actually that’s about it. Still working at a coffee shop, waiting for Otakon this summer, and getting ready to break out the fans as it’s already pretty warm. My cat, Magic, is bound to freak out.

Welcome everyone!