So NY Comic Con is over, and I’m back to normal life again. Work starts up again on Tuesday, and in the mean time I’ve been kicking back and doing some writing. You’ll all be happy to hear that the reception our upcoming comic, Ode, has been really positive, and lots of people have already seen some of the art for it online (including Brian Lee O’Malley, which is amazing!).

But you’re not here for Ode, despite my writing it. You’re here for H&tW, and I don’t want to disappoint you!

I’ve been sneaking notes on the reboot as I’ve been writing Ode (both share some pretty heavy concepts that I’ve yet to introduce, mainly the Fade, which is a name I’ve decided to call the world between worlds in which the Library exists), and I have to say, I believe I have a final layout for the story of the first book of H&tW.

Most of the elements are exactly the same, with, as I’ve said, a few small changes that will end up majorly impacting the story. But don’t fear, it has everything the original had and more: Magic, adventure, the Library, time travel, dream travel, gypsies, the city of Khem, other worlds, and more. And have no fear, Divi continues to be a major part of the story, as is her ties with both Oliver and Abigail. I’m super excited to start writing, and I hope you are too!

Now all I need to do is decide how to tell the story!