So as far as things that I’m looking to change in the newer version of the story, I figured I’d start with the one most likely to upset people. In the original (not comic) version of the story, Abby was barely a character. Divi was the focus, and Abby just kind of faded into the background. In fact there were versions of the story that didn’t even include her. When I started writing the version you guys know, I wound up loving Abby so much that it really showed in my writing. She quickly became a huge fan favorite as well. In fact, she is one of the first characters I have ever written that I really felt like I was getting to know as I wrote her.

This being said, I wound up writing a LOT of what was supposed to go into Divi into Abby, and when I got to finally writing Divi, I found I didn’t know who she was supposed to be any more. So what I’m working with in newer versions is to reconcile both characters, Abby and Divi, into a single character.

Yes, I knew it, this is where people would get weirded out. But honestly, I have fought with myself for many long hours as to how to fit all of them comfortably in the story together, and each time Divi winds up her own story completely separate from Oliver and Abby, but just SIMILAR enough to Abby’s story to not allow me to write both. So there it is, and above is a glimpse of where I think they could be going as characters.

Nothing is final, btw. But there it is!