My apartment is very tiny. As such, since I am moving, it is filled with boxes, which severely limit my room in which to work. Even my desk is cluttered, something that normally never happens. Understand this isn’t an excuse, it’s more of a heads up. Updates are going to be a little more spread out over the next month or two. There is so much “real life” getting in the way of my work, that I would rather space it out and do it right than rush in a stress filled environment and spew out garbage for you guys.

Knowing full well that updates are to be a little more spread out, I will be going back to full page spreads, at least for now. I have the next two pages written (finally) and the first of them should be up within the week. Anii has also been extra busy of late, working full time freelance for both White Bicycle, on projects I couldn’t tell you the details of, and for Lucasfilm, which is apparently so top secret that no one knows what she’s doing but her and her boss. All of this is very excited, but since she is also preparing for a move, I don’t want to bug her doing my colors, which she does as a favor. She promised to go back once we are both settled in and a little less stressed and fix all of the shading that I am so terrible at. You’ll be hearing from her soon.

I have been working on other things though, I’m gathering notes to create a series of short stories, which I don’t really have any details on yet, but will keep you guys posted. Also I still write for Anii over at, so check out later today/early tomorrow for a new Doctor Who/Pokemon crossover that I wrote for her!

I promise H&tW isn’t going anywhere, I just need to take it easy so as not to mess it all up while I’m under this much stress :) Stick around! It’s about to get exciting.