You know, for anyone that was wondering.  Anyway there is much work to be done this week preparing for Toracon, Anii and I are designing new bookmark business cards and I have some posters to finish making.  I plan for at least one convention exclusive H&tW poster and maybe some character posters, but it might be too early for that.  I only have two characters so far after all.  Other than that I don’t have much new to report!

To those of you who are returning here after finding me on a sharing site of some kind, thanks so much for your support! I will say that I don’t know much about those sites, and I owe your being here entirely to Anii.  To anyone who I actually know who is returning here, good :D I pester you enough! Keep coming back, and I’ll keep making comics! Actually I’ll probably keep making them anyway, but if no one comes they’ll be stained with tears.

J/Ks.  Mostly.

In case you missed last week, updates are now on Tuesdays and Saturdays!

That’s all for now.