Oliver Hodson

Oliver has forgotten more about magic than most people will ever learn. Literally. Though over the years the knowledge he had faded into fiction, a spark of his former self had stayed alive, buried in his dreams. Fortunately, a spark was all it took for it all to come flooding back. Now Oliver has another chance to follow his dreams, and dive once again into the wonder of the Arcane Sciences.

Abigail Tepes

Though Abby is the daughter of Deveron, Founder of the city of New Khem, she never would have known it growing up. A loner through her early years, Abby grew up with only her inattentive mother. When she met Oliver, the two were hardly ever separated, and never missed a chance at an adventure together. When Abby found a link to her true heritage, it was no surprise that Oliver would be joining her on this adventure, as well. It is her deepest desire to learn her father’s Alchemy, and to have Oliver be the one to teach it to her.


It was Divi’s unique approach to working magic within dreams that first appealed to the Alchemist, Deveron. Taking her under his wing as his apprentice, he taught her to use her specialized magic to move through the dreams of others, breaking down the barriers between worlds and making contact with others on the outside. Before Deveron went missing, he charged her with the task to look after his only daughter. Little did she know this mission would lead her to a figure she once believed existed only in her own dreams- Oliver Hodson.

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Ellara Flynn

Mu Aldrich